We're Matt and Beau. We met in the spring of 2013 while we were both in college, and quickly found ourselves obsessing over each other in every cute and annoying way possible. We bonded over normal things like our shared love (at the time) of Jameson and ginger ale, and karaoke bars, and both of us being from New Orleans and the complicated love / hate relationship with the city that can only really be felt for a hometown. 

We started dating pretty much immediately and within two months we were on our way to live in Southeast Asia together for an entire summer. We managed to fit about six years worth of fights and makeups and *special moments* all into that one summer. There were many nights of going out to dinner with our adult students and drinking beer in alleys in Ho Chi Minh City, kind of dangerous motorbike rides through insanely congested highways, the most beautiful natural sights we've ever seen in north Vietnam and in Thailand, and equal servings of wonder at Siem Reap and getting a wake up call witnessing real poverty and child labor in Cambodia. There were also 2 a.m. fights fueled by sleeping in 90 degree heat and not understanding each other's quirks or needs yet and the fear of living in a foreign country with someone you just met. It was a lot. We came back to the states and continued on our lives together, living in a not cute college apartment and focusing on things like paying rent and finishing papers and working in restaurants until 1 or 2 a.m.

About a year into our relationship, when Beau was a senior in college and Matt was a college grad working the latest of late nights at a restaurant in the French Quarter, the idea to start a blog came around. Beau was extremely unsure of what he was going to do with his degree in PR once he finished school - and it's blurry - but somehow Matt and a friend came up with the idea that a blog should be a thing. It went something like, "you're always making fancy cheeseboards and talking about how much you love baking anyway, why don't you just put it online."

So it happened, and Beau began working on taking photos (which was kind of a disaster) and trying to find a voice (which was kind of a disaster) and getting at times too creative in the kitchen (which was kind of a disaster) - and after a solid six months of weird blog puberty, something kind of solid started to form. At first it was just called, "Probably Baking" and was meant to answer the world's most annoying question of "what're you doing when you finish college." The truth was that post-college future was looking remarkably dismal, so yeah baking sounded fun.  

The time when the blog began to take shape coincided with Beau graduating college and our post-graduate celebratory road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver. Which is when we spent all of our money and got really really drunk on accident in wine country and really really really high on accident from "healing caramels" in Vancouver and found ourselves in underground bars and lost in redwood forests and in mountaintop glass cabins that people definitely get murdered in and other underground bars with much older straight couples met over dinner who led us to a pop-up Caribbean club situation at 3 am. It was a lot, also. We realized we really liked Seattle and we didn't like Portland all that much and that the opioid crisis is real and pretty devastating and that we could easily spend any sum of money on everything from jeans to wine because we're both far too excessive. That last part would become a theme in our relationship.

Somewhere on that trip - maybe between getting really drunk in wine country and really high in Vancouver - we decided Matt should be a part of the blog, and maybe instead of focusing solely on cakes and matcha, the blog could include more of our faces and life together. It was a slow and awkward transition because we both hated being on camera and Beau couldn't smile quite *right* and Matt didn't really know how to take photos and so this new blog concept entered another weird stage of blog puberty. We decided to rename the blog to "Probably This" - because now instead of post-college baking, it was just post-college living. So, basically, it's meant to answer the question of "what are you doing?". 

Life went on, we kept working various jobs, some good and some not. Matt successfully helped open a restaurant in a haunted mansion, Beau learned that actual adult food writing wasn't for him and would never supply the funds to pay for his then strong love of craft cocktails and other pretentious consumables. We adopted the light of our literal lives, a 6-pound angel fur baby named Fox, who still makes our hearts melt every morning when he does his in-bed stretches and every evening when he falls asleep on whichever one of our limbs is the most still. 

We continued making this blog a thing and posting about our daily - often mundane - lives. Sometime in the beginning of 2016 we started getting actual work through this site and for other partner companies. At first it was trickling in, and then like a very fortunate avalanche our schedule was filled with creative tasks and photoshoots and planning and trying to organize everything. There was a point at which we looked at our checking account and realized through the blog alone we had enough money to live on - scarcely - for maybe a few months. Beau quit his job of two months managing an art gallery, Matt followed suit three months later. We had maybe $2,000 in our checking account and thought it was an OK idea to celebrate our new self-employed freedom by taking a month-long road trip across the country, from New Orleans to Los Angeles and back. It was. We had all the fun. 

That was about a year ago, and now we're here, doing the things and sharing it on this site and on our Instagram! We've been lucky over the last year to continue getting work both through our own media and as creating content for other companies. Currently our schedule is based around interior design and renovating our new vintage trailer friend, Rosie. We'll be taking her on a long trip into the Smokey Mountains and up through the Northeast just in time for the leaves changing this year. We hope you'll follow along!